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Story by SGT Jess Untalan
It’s a madhouse down at the Wiesbaden Commissary where one lucky community volunteer is seconds away from starting a shopping spree. SGT Jesse Untalan has the story.
Story by SGT Jesse Untalan
So you've volunteered your time and talents to the organization of your choice; now what? SGT Jesse Untalan has more on the next step.
Story by SSgt Jaime Ciciora
A significant symbol in the history of the American Forces Network in Europe has come crashing down. Gary Bautell reports.
Story by SGT Jesse Untalan
25 years ago after the fall of the wall through Germany, a unit of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment conducted the last border patrol along the so-called Fulda Gap. Now their former headquarters, observation Point Alpha, is a memorial to the Defenders of Freedom’s frontier. Gary Bautell has a report.
Story by SGT Henry Gundacker
Honors Music Festival is an annual event showcasing DoDDs-Europe Band and Chorus members. SGT Henry Gundacker shows us what it’s like in rehearsal.
Story by SGT Jesse Untalan
The Army Superior Unit Award is reserved for the best performing units or garrisons. SGT Jesse Untalan has more.
Story by SGT Jesse Untalan
Next, we go to Wiesbaden, where the tax return deadline is right around the corner. If you need more time, SGT Jesse Untalan tells us how you just might get it.
Story by SGT Jesse Untalan
Child, Youth & School Services provide a wealth of programs and activities. SGT Jesse Untalan shares more on how kids are tapping into their artistic talents.

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Tax countdown
The inside scoop
Cybercriminals exploit weaknesses in computer systems. Learn how to protect yourself.
Tax season is here once again, and there are resources to help you file and process your documents.
Driven by friendship
Happy reunion!
Paving a new trail
Pin it, to win it!
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The story of the printed word comes to life at the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz.
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