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Story by SGT Henry Gundacker
Getting or staying in shape isn’t always easy but the military offers training and facilities to help you achieve your health goals. Army Sergeant Henry Gundacker takes us to the Wiesbaden Army Wellness Center for part one of his journey to getting fit.
Story by SGT Henry Gundacker
There are three German awards that a U.S service member can receive to wear on their uniform. Army Sergeant Henry Gundacker takes us to the the 421st Multifunctional medical Battalion range to show us what it takes to earn just one.
Story by SSgt Jaime Ciciora
Squadrons from across Germany gathered at Mainz-Kastel, Germany to compete against their sister squadrons in the third annual Highland Games. Air Force Staff Sergeant Jaime Ciciora has the details.
Story by SPC Courtney Brister
Christmas is right around the corner and it isn’t just the lines at the stores that get long. SPC Courtney Brister tells us why you should get gifts wrapped and sent out as soon as possible.
Produced by SSgt Jaime Ciciora
Get your mail out on time or it won't make it home before Christmas.
Story by SSgt Cicirora and Gary Bautell
Presidential Honors for an AFN pioneer and World War II veteran.
Story by SPC Courtney Brister
We use it every day, but it’s in jeopardy of being high jacked. SPC Courtney Brister tells us about a growing security issue around the world and how to stay protected.
Story by SSgt Jaime Ciciora
October has been National Domestic Violence Awareness Month since 1981. This year Victim Advocate offices across Europe planned a social experiment to see if people would speak up if they suspected domestic violence. Air Force Staff Sergeant Jaime Ciciora takes us to Wiesbaden, Germany to find out how the community held up to the test

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Service members enjoyed dancing, singing and eating during the Hispanic Heritage Month.
Very few U.S. schools earn the coveted Blue Ribbon Award, Aukamm Elementary just won their first.
Come out and run with Wiesbaden Boss, MWR and a bunch of flesh eating monsters...if you dare!
“It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed.” SPC Cleveland explains his view.
CSM Davenport led Soldiers from across Germany across historic battlesites, SSgt Cicora reports
Remembering September 11th
Suicide Prevention and Awareness in USAREUR
Check out this lighthearted story about local community action.
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What is a beautiful, little Russian Orthodox Church doing in Wiesbaden, Germany?
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