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Story by SSgt Jaime CiCiora
The Vietnam War ended 39 years ago. It wasn’t an easy time to serve, but some choose to continue after serving their initial enlistment. Air Force Staff Sergeant Jaime Ciciora takes us to Wiesbaden, Germany to meet a soldier who’s ending his Army career, four decades after it started.
Story by Chris Knoblauch
After a two and a half years USAG Wiesbaden has a new commander who is returning to the area. Chris Knoblauch takes you to the Change of Command ceremony.
Story by SGT Henry Gundacker
This year’s Germany American Friendship Fest has made history. SGT Henry Gundacker tells us why.
Story by SSgt Jaime Ciciora
Over five-thousand service members, their spouses and children became U.S. citizens in 2013. Section 329 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, also known as the Overseas Military Naturalization, allowed over 400 of them to become Americans while on foreign soil. Air Force Staff Sergeant Jaime Ciciora has more.
Story by Gary Bautell
The Sergeant Major of the Army, Raymond Chandler visits the new U.S. Army Europe headquarters in Wiesbaden. Gary Bautell has our report.
Story by SGT Henry Gundacker
A tradition that’s been around since 1961 still brings people together. Join SGT Henry Gundacker as he shows you one of the biggest fairs in Germany.
Story by SGT Henry Gundacker
Each stepping stone in Germany is a reminder to never forget. Army Sergeant Henry Gundacker show us what Wiesbaden Middle School students are doing to honor the past.
Story by SGT Henry Gundacker
What happens when soldiers compete in hand to hand combat using an ancient Greek fighting styles? SGT Henry Gundacker shows you.

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